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21 May 2006 @ 09:44 am
Parted From You  
Title: Parted From You
Chapter title: The Birth
Pairing(s): Shaka/OC, Saga/OC
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Lots of fluff! ^_^
Summary: Risa is given a special mission that requires her to be away from Shaka for six years. This is very hard on her, alot harder then you would think it would be.

Shaka walked into Athena’s temple, his face calm. It had been almost two months since he last had any contact with Risa. It’s not easy to approach Shaka at this time because he’s always meditating. Seeing Saga and Karina, Shaka smiled faintly. Like everyone else, he had heard about the birth of Saga’s son almost a month ago. Walking over to Saga, Shaka placed his hand on Saga’s shoulder. He could see the boy and instantly could tell the boy will look a lot like his father as he gets older.

“Congratulations Saga, he looks just like you.” Shaka said softly as to not wake the sleeping child.
“Thank you Shaka.” Saga said.

Karina looked at Shaka and raised one eyebrow. She could hear the envy in Shaka’s voice that very few could hear. If Risa were here, she would have heard it long before Karina did.

“It’s good to see you again Shaka.” She said. So he is jealous of Saga? I wonder if this means he wants to be a father? Risa, is your fear pointless?
Shaka nodded. “It is good to see you again Karina. Is Risa…well?”
She nodded. “Yes she is and misses you very much.”
“Is she misses me, why not contact me?” He asked
“Because she can’t Shaka, her cosmos is weak right now.” Athena said, walking closer to Shaka.
“What do you mean her cosmos is weak?!” He asked, worry on his face.
“It is the reason she was given this mission, the same as Karina. I know you were not expecting to see Risa for another few months, but I am giving you permission to go see her and spend two months with her. You have a surprise waiting for you Shaka. Risa does not know I am granting you this permission. I would thank Karina and Saga for this.” She said, smiling at Shaka.
He looked at them, his eyes open and widened in surprise and happiness. “…Why?”
Saga handed his son to Karina and placed a hand on Shaka’s shoulder. “You are the only one who might be able to get Risa to believe she does deserve to be happy Shaka. No one wants to see Risa hurting herself when she doesn’t need to.” He said
Before Shaka could speak, Karina spoke up. “Come on, we should get going if we want to get there before sunset.”

They bid goodbye to Athena and left for the island. Saga and Karina wouldn’t travel at top speed because of their son so it took them longer to arrive. When they arrived, one of the other girls on the island came up to Karina.

“Lady Karina, Risa-san told me to tell you to come see her when you return.” She said.

Karina nodded and walking towards Risa’s cottage. Shaka followed her, glad to know that he’ll be able to see Risa a lot sooner then he thought he would.
When they arrived, Karina told Saga and Shaka to wait outside while she went inside. Leaving the door open was her way of saying to come in but not let Risa know they are here yet.

Risa looked up when she heard Karina come inside. She’s been drawing a lot lately, to get her mind off not being near Shaka.

“Well?” She asked
“Before I say anything, I want to know something Risa.” Karina said
“What is it?” Risa asked
“Why do you do this to yourself? You know you could have told Shaka about the baby when you found out.” She said
Risa sighed. “It isn’t as simple as that Karina. We all know what the women are used for where I was born.”
“Why does that matter now? You’ve been with Shaka for three years now.” Was Karina’s reply
“I don’t know… I guess I’m trying to find a reason why I wouldn’t let myself tell Shaka. The truth is… I’m scared.” Risa said
“Scared of what?” She asked
“I’m scared that Shaka wouldn’t want to be a father.” Risa said
“I don’t think you need to fear that Risa.” Karina said

Risa opened her mouth to ask Karina why when she saw Shaka walk into the room. Her eyes widened and she looked at Karina who just smiled. Walking over to her, Shaka leaned down and kissed Risa on the forehead.

“Shaka...” Risa murmured
“Did you really think I wouldn’t be happy to find out I would be a father?” Shaka asked
“I was scared…” She whispered
“Scared of what?” He asked
“I was scared that you wouldn’t want a baby. I was also scared that those from the island would find out about the baby and try to take them away from me.” She said softly.
“Karina, can you leave us alone for a minute?” Shaka asked, turning to look at Karina.

Karina nodded and walked out of the room to where Saga was. She would come check on them later. Shaka would never let anything happen that would harm Risa or his child. She’s also certain Risa knows the gender of the baby, but isn’t going to tell anyone but Shaka.

When Karina had left, Shaka took of the pendant Risa gave him three years ago as he sat down next to her.

“Do you remember when you gave me this?” He asked
“Yes, how could I forget?” Risa replied
“Remember what I swore then? I swore that as long as I’m breathing, you won’t have to fear of being hurt because I’ll always protect you.” Shaka said
“But…” She started to say but was cut off by Shaka placing his finger on her lips
“Do you think that wasn’t true for when you are on missions? Risa, I love you with all my heart. I know I can’t protect you physically when you’re not at my side, but I can lend you the strength you need.” He said

Risa didn’t say anything but relaxed against him. Shaka smiled when he felt her relax, glad she was feeling better. Not moving her much, Shaka shifted so that Risa is now sitting in his lap with him holding her close. When she felt Shaka relax into the position that he had moved them into, Risa took one of his hands and placed it on her stomach. He smiled down at her and closed his eyes as he sensed the small cosmos of his child, his daughter.

When Karina came to check on them later, she found Risa asleep in Shaka’s arms with him holding her close. He had one hand placed gently on her stomach, feeling the cosmos of his daughter. He had never imagined actually becoming a father and can’t express how happy he is. Sensing Karina in the room, Shaka opened his eyes and looked at her.

“I’m glad she’s finally sleeping without signs of a nightmare.” Karina said, sitting on one of the chairs in room.
“Nightmare?” He questioned.
“Not long after she left to come here, the nightmares started. She wouldn’t have them every night, but enough to get everyone here worried about her. It always seemed to have something to do with you leaving her.” She said.
“I would rather die then leave her. I don’t feel alive without her.” Shaka said, brushing the hair from Risa’s eyes.
“I’m glad to hear it. Risa never told anyone the gender of the child she carries and I’m curious…” Karina said, her voice trailing off
“She carries a girl, my daughter. I never imagined that I could be a father when I became a knight. I’m so happy that I can’t describe it.” He said

Karina smiled, she had seen the same happiness in Saga’s eyes when he had first arrived on the island only a day before the birth of their son, who they named Miki.

“Have you figured out a name yet?” She asked
Shaka shook his head. “It didn’t come up and I wanted her to rest.”
“Shika, I want her name to be Shika after my mother.” Risa’s voice was soft as she opened her eyes.
“It’s perfect.” Shaka said, smiling. Then his face took on a concerned look. “Didn’t I say to rest?”
“You try sleeping when you’re about to give birth and see how much rest you get.” Risa replied tiredly

Both Shaka and Karina widened their eyes at that. Karina ran into the bathroom and turned the bath on warm. From giving birth herself, Karina could tell Shaka what to do.

“Shaka, she needs to be as relaxed as possible. I’ve started the warm water which will help relax her. You need to stay with her, to support her.” She said as she walked towards the door.
“Understood, but where are you going?” He asked as he helped Risa sit up.
“To get someone to help me, I’ve only given birth once and didn’t pay too much attention. I was in too much pain to. I’ll be back in a minute.” She replied and walked out the door.

After removing his shirt, Shaka helped Risa undress. She whimpered just about every time she had to move. After a few minutes, he lifted her into his arms and took her into the bathroom. When the water touched her skin, Risa relaxed. Shaka cupped water into his hand and gently poured it over her stomach, knowing it would help. She looked at him and smiled weakly.

“Thank you…” She said
“Shh… Just relax and try not to focus on the pain.” He replied.

Risa nodded and a minute later, Karina walked into the room followed by an older woman who looked a lot like Risa. Looking up, Risa’s eyes widened.

“Now is not the time Risa, we will talk later.”

An hour from when she went into labor, Shaka took Risa out of the water and back to the bed. True to Karina’s word, having Risa relax in the water helped the birth go a lot smoother. Fifteen minutes of pushing and digging her nails into Shaka’s arm as he supported her, Risa gave birth to a healthy little girl. Shaka smiled down at Risa and brushed the hair from her eyes. After wrapping his wife in a towel to dry her off, Shaka picked her up so Karina and Saga, who was finally allowed in the room, could change the sheet on the bed. Risa looked at Shaka sleepily as he placed her on the freshly changed bed.

“Sleep my love, you need it.” He said gently.
“I want to see our daughter first, and then I’ll sleep.” She said stubbornly.

Before Shaka could reply, Risa’s sensei handed her their daughter. Risa’s eyes filled with tears of happiness and Shaka’s heart leapt into his throat as his daughter curled her tiny hand around his finger. He couldn’t describe how it felt to see his daughter for the very first time.

Soon Risa was asleep with her head in Shaka’s lap and he’s holding his daughter as she sleeps, refusing to let her be taken from him. He had never dreamed of actually being a father, even after Risa agreed to be his wife. Looking down at Risa, Shaka smiled softly as he brushed the hair from her eyes. He’s never felt happier in his entire life.

There you have chapter two. I really like this fanfiction of mine so far. Chapter three is taking awhile to write because it is the childhood of Risa and Shaka's daughter.
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