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Living in the Virgo Temple

The Virgo Shaka Community
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Virgo Shaka: "The Knight closest to God". "The Reincarnation of Buddha". He keeps his eyes closed to contain his power. When he opens his eyes, he opens the "Treasure Chest of Heaven". This power allows him to strip his enemy of his five senses, after which the opponent dies.

Virgo is the largest constillation, the sixth in the Zodiac, occupies the sixth house in astrology, is subject to Mercury, is an Earth element, rules from August 24- September 21 and from 7-8 am and pm.

Name: Shaka
Age: 20
Constellation: Virgo
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 68kg
Birthday: September 19
Blood type: AB
Birth location: India
Trained at: Ganges River/Basin in India
Techniques: Ten Bu Hou Rin(the Heaven dances sacred Wheel)
Riku Dou Rin Ne (Cycle through the six worlds)
Ten Ma Kou Hoku O-mu(Putting down the Heavenly Demon)

Shaka is said to be the Saint closest to God and he talks to the Buddha since he was small. Shaka closes his eyes usually because he stores his cosmo inside and he is afraid of letting out too much power to kill everything when he opens them. In the Ares battle Shaka fought Ikki, who tried to kill them both together, however Shaka saved Ikki with Mu's teleportation help. Shaka didn't seem to care much about being on anyone's side, he seems to keep to himself pretty much. That doesn't mean he's reluctant or unqualified, he did fight all his might in the Hades battle. And he was very wise too, he knew the only way to get to the underworld with full power(everyone else lost 90% of their attack power when they got into Hades' territory) was to go in there dead, so he let Saga, Shura and Camus kill him.

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